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Bridal Skincare Tips

It is a great idea to start thinking about your skin about 6 months prior to your wedding day, if time doesn’t allow for that long it is still a great idea to consider ways to make your skin the best it can be in the timeframe you have.

I have compiled a checklist of several things that may help you in the lead up to your wedding. These are not rules to follow but simply suggestions you may want to follow. I have worked with brides for over 7 years and personally take a huge interest in skincare… it is worth investing in your skin & can sometimes mean less makeup is required!

  • Drink plenty of water - we are always being told to up our water intake, it is so beneficial in so many ways including our skin.

  • Consider taking omega 3 supplements (at least 3-4months prior to see a difference)

  • Assess your skin, does it look dry/flaky? Maybe oily and shiny? Are you getting breakouts or maybe your skin feels tight which is a sign of dehydration. Check in with your skin, this can help making product choices much easier.

  • Properly cleanse your skin morning and night. I love balm, gel and oil cleaners and a soft clean flannel. Try to double cleanse if you wear make up.

  • Invest in an acid toner or product with AHAs to use after you cleanse. This product removes surface dirt, oils and dead skin cells to reveal glowing skin. It also makes any product you use after it penetrate deeper as it isn’t having to fight obstacles. It makes your skincare work harder! This should be used 2-3x a week at first (think of it as your exfoliator)

  • If you are going to invest in skincare, spend it in the right spot. In my opinion, a decent cleanser, serum and acid toner are the three key ingredients to good skin. Moisturisers and eye creams are great too if the budget allows but I wouldn’t spend big in these areas.

  • If budget allows, treat yourself to a facial every 4-6 weeks leading up to your wedding. You won’t regret it, facialists can work with your concerns to improve them

  • Avoid having a facial too close to your wedding date, if you have regular facials keep track of if/when your skin flares up, do not try anything new in the 2 weeks leading up to your wedding!

If you have any questions or want any product recommendations, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, I would be happy to give advice. There are certain brands that I find myself recommending time and time again:

La Roche-Posay


The Ordinary

Ren Skincare


Emma Hardie

Sunday Riley


The Body Shop

Kate Somerville


Neals Yard

Great skincare can be adapted to all budgets - don't think that you have to spend a fortune to improve your skin, high street brands have really upped their game in recent years.

One final note... if you're happy with your skin - stick to the good saying 'if it ain't broke don't fix it!' just keep up the good regime.

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