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Preparing For Your Hair & Make Up Trial

So you’ve booked your hair and makeup ahead of your wedding day - a day you may have dreamed of for a long time! You want to make sure that the preparation you put in leading up to your trial is efficient so that we can spend time at the trial working on what you envision!

Here I have compiled a few tips to consider on the lead up to your trial and how to get the most out of your time with your hair and makeup artist.

Make up Trial Tips

  • Take a photo of yourself on an average day - showing how much or little make up you wear. This will give your make up artist an indication of your personal style.

  • Wear a pale/white coloured top to your trial, you would be surprised how different make up can look against a paler background.

  • When looking for inspiration photos, it may sound obvious but look for photos of people of a similar skin tone to you. Try and be specific with inspiration photos & realistic.

  • Ask yourself, would false lashes be something you would like to try?

  • It’s a good idea to have an idea of how you would like your make up but it’s also great to keep an open mind!

  • Think about other colours you have chosen for your wedding - do you want your lip colour to match back to a particular flower in your bouquet. Tying colours in works nicely.

  • Start thinking about your skin and if it needs a bit of TLC. Check out my bridal skincare post!

Hair Trial Tips

  • When looking for inspiration photos, try to find photos of people with similar hair colour, length & texture so you can visualise how this look will work on you.

  • Will you have any hair accessories, flowers or a veil in your hair on the day? Be sure to make your hairstylist aware.

  • Come to the trial with clean, dry hair

  • Consider the neckline of your dress, would it be best suited to hair up or down? This is something your hairstylist should be able to advise you on

  • Think about the time of year and climate, would you want your hair down in the middle of summer, or a cooler off the face style?

  • Do you think you would like hair extensions to boost thickness and/or length of your hair? It’s a good idea to inform your hairstylist prior to the trial so they can advise ok on how to purchase.

Most of all, your bridal hair and make up trial is definitely one of the more exciting 'wed-min' jobs on your to-do list. Try and enjoy it, these tips will be sure to help you make the most out of it.

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