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What should I pack in my bridal make up bag?

Although I make every effort possible to create a flawless and long lasting make up, there are certain things that I highly recommend packing with you on the day for 'top ups' throughout the day to keep your make up looking as fresh as it did first thing in the morning!

First things first, you need to make the important decision of which bridesmaid will be in charge of your bridal makeup top up kit. It’s an important job so you should rely on your most trusted bridesmaid (or the one who will be the most responsible!)

Here is a list of the products I highly recommend taking with you on the day:

1. Lipstick - Lots of kissing, sipping and eating on the day is something that no lipstick on the planet can combat (no matter what the claims state!) At your bridal trial I always offer to purchase your chosen lipstick to hand over to you on the day. Alternatively you are welcome to bring along your favourite lipstick for me to use.

2. Pressed Powder/Powder foundation -Depending on how shiny your skin gets, it is worth having a little powder top up throughout the day. Pressed powder (translucent or coloured) will take away shine whereas powder foundation will add coverage so pick wisely.

3. Concealer - I think it’s always worth packing a decent liquid/cream concealer to disguise all matter of sins. This can include tear smudged eyes, cleaning up lip lines & disguising redness.

4. Setting Spray/Facial Mist - OK, this one isn't a necessity... but if you are someone who gets flustered, hot or maybe your skin gets a little dry throughout the day - a facial mist helps to rehydrate and cool skin. It also prolongs the wear of your make up so its a win win!

I do believe that with these four key products, you can keep your make up lasting and looking fresh all day. I discuss this with every bride at their trial to make sure you are aware of what you need ahead of the day.

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